A lot of people are using the mountain bikes for their own purposes. Whatever the purpose is, they have to know to protect their bikes in order that the bikes will still run well. However, many people just ride the bike until it breaks down without caring for its durability. Even though they choose to buy the best mountain bikes under 500 they should respect every of its part. Today, I will show you how to use, protect as well as clean a mountain bike.

  1. Using mountain bikes

If you are a mountain biker, you may have understood all the basic structural parts and even all tiny details of the bike. This is the least essential knowledge for both new and old bikers. After that, you have to know how to use the bike properly. Here are some of my suggestions in terms of dealing with arising troubles during using.

  • The saddle and seat post

When you buy a mountain bike, of course you need to consider the height to be suited to yours. Nonetheless, almost all people buy a high bike but it has an adjustable saddle. It means that we can absolutely make the saddle lower.

Moderate height of the bike will create comfort and safety for bikers so if the bike is too high for you to make your feet touch the ground, you need to push down the saddle, which makes the seat post go down. As a result, the height is reduced.

  • Adjust the brake

The brake system of the bike can have trouble suddenly while you are biking in rough roads. This will result in dangerous and severe accidents if you cannot adjust or repair the brake.

The gear shifters and fork lock – out of the brake system have to be kept tight all the time so that when you press it, it makes the bike stop right away. Sometimes, the trouble may arise in the disc brake. If you master biking, you can remove this brake if there is no way to better the situation.

  • Check for maintenance

When the bike is put into using, many parts may be worn out and will prevent you from biking safely. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check and maintenance the bike every day.

If the bike does not run well, you may guess some mistakes such as detected screws, loose brake levers, flat tires and so on. You need to give all your notice to these parts to figure out the cause to the abnormal circumstances.

  1. Cleaning the bike

If you have ridden for too long through every path, your bikes will be stained, for sure. This is one reason for the deterioration of the vehicle in the near future on the grounds that the dust and dirt will come into the slit, the tire or the disc brake to make them worn out quickly.

Thus, you need to know how to clean and protect your own bike. Here are some instructions helpful for you.

  • Tools for cleaning

You may need:

  • A water bucket and warm water
  • Soap or detergent or washing powder
  • Brushes and sponges
  • Screwdrivers
  • Lubricant
  • Remove all the stains

The cogs and the chain are two most important parts of the moving system of the bike and this is also the most common part to be stained. The frame, tires and saddle also need cleaning.

To clean it effectively, you need to pour some water into the bucket and add some washing powder or the detergent liquid and mix to create foams. Then wear the gloves, use a towel pushed down to the water bucket and make the bike wet.

  • For the frame

For the frame, we only need to clean with the towel. The towel is soft so it will not cause scratches to the frame. In addition, the frame is often protected with a layer of paint or nylon so the stains cannot stay for long. It is very easy to remove the stains by the towel.

  • For the ring chain

The ring chain is difficult to be cleaned with the towel since we cannot clean all the cogs. However, we can absolutely use the toothbrush which is no longer used in order to get the dirt from every cog.

Moreover, as we have to supply lubricant for the chain rings, the dust can stick to them easily so using a bush is reasonable.

  • For the tire

The tires of a mountain bike are very thick, especially those of a schwinn protocol 1.0 but we still have to clean them with soft sponge or towel in order to avoid pointy thorn from poking the tires. We can also use a soft brush to remove the dust on the tires easily.